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FreeCAD – Framing Workbench

The Framing Workbench is an experimental workbench. The aim is to add functionality to FreeCAD that will enable the creation of a fully modeled U.S style framed structure. Although most members of a framed structure are simple, each have various considerations and roles to play. These are captured by having members that are named and given custom properties.

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Rolling Pegboard

The humble pegboard can be used in a variety of ways. An all pegboard Rube Goldberg. Demonstrating the Cartesian graphing system. The limit to the usefulness of this board of holes is hard to measure.

Pegboard Rube Goldberg

Simple construction with 2×4’s and 4 2’x4′ Pieces of pegboard.

The lesson can be as simple as dominoes on inclined planes.

Watch this for an animation of virtual dominoes

Or use whatever you can find around the garage.

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Models, Projects, Notes and other miscellany

Split Bearing Clamp

A split pillow block for the 608zz skate bearing.

Toy Construction Brick – A great starter object for learning about the Draft mode of FreeCAD

Strandbeest – Sort of a requirement for 3d Printer enthusiasts to design their own.

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Here you will find all the models OpenSCAD and related Videos. As with everything I do, this is a work in progress.


Arduino Case

OpenSCAD Modules

Arrows and Dimensions

The Arrows and Dimensions lets the OpenSCAD Coder add dimension lines and arrows to their model.

Arrays Module

The Arrays Module allows the OpenSCAD user to easily create various types of arrays from child objects.

Exploded Assembly

The Exploded Assembly helps the OpenSCAD coder to create animations, or just different views of their models.