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Welcome to mathcodeprint.com! Our site is dedicated to supplying projects and content that center around STEM.

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One of the great starting places for IoT projects is the Arduino platform. Here at MCP, we are building a library of Arduino Code, Arduino Video and Arduino Projects. Our Arduino content is great for both STEM and the Hobbyist.


Often today’s projects include 3D Design elements. There are a great many OpenSource tools like FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, and BlockSCAD. You will find Tutorials, Videos, and 3d Printable Models here on the site.


STEM resources available include some Cad Style 3d Design Diagrams. We also are building a library of Lesson plans.


In addition to coding for Arduino and 3D Design, browse our collection of backend code and implementation resources. Systems like MySql, Docker, and others.


Many of the lessons and projects are available as kits. You can download Schematics, PCBs, STL’s and Code from places like github.com, thingiverse.com, and OSHPArk.com


Of course, in order to support this effort, we have items for sale in our Shop