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FreeCAD – Framing Workbench

The Framing Workbench is an experimental workbench. The aim is to add functionality to FreeCAD that will enable the creation of a fully modeled U.S style framed structure. Although most members of a framed structure are simple, each have various considerations and roles to play. These are captured by having members that are named and given custom properties.

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FreeCAD – Framing

Here you will find all the models pertaining to the Framing Workbench and Videos. As with everything I do, this is a work in progress.

The Framing Workbench was the groundwork for learning how to make a workbench. It is strongly in the alpha stage and may never go any further. That being said I do get lost in projects and if I get back to this one I man bring it from version 0.1 to 0.2

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