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Calculix – Install ( 2.11-1build1 )

for use with FreeCAD 0.19

A short how-to install the Open Sourec Software , Calculix.

Calculix is a “Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program”, based on it’s package title.

From the package description itself

CalculiX is a free and open source finite element analysis
application that uses a similar input format to Abaqus. It has an implicit and
explicit solver and a pre and post processor (CGX).
This package contains the solver CalculiX CrunchiX (cxx).

You can find more detail about the system from it’s homepage:

In order to use the FEM Workbench on FreeCAD, you will may need to install Calculix.

The actual package name is: calculix-cxx

The install on debian based systems is straight forward, the package distributed with Debian systems as 2019 will work with FreeCAD ( for now )::

sudo apt install calculix-ccx

For use with FreeCAD that’s pretty much all you need to do.

If you are using Windows or somehting other than a Debian based system head over to the website, they have Downloads for Mac and it is also available as source from github. It seems you might have to compile for Windows. I will update if I find out otherwise.

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