Modular Mousetrap Car – 3D Print Files


The venerable Mousetrap Car needs an upgrade. Modernize this lesson with a 3d Printed framework. Fully configurable and extensible. Many of the lessons can be taught in a shorter amount of time. Students can walk away with their own printed car.

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The modular mousetrap car was designed to be easily assembled and dis-assembled. Length extensions can be added and removed to make the the process of experimenting with distance and speed easier.

This 3d Printable file includes the following parts:

The main Srut. Pinrt 2 of these an snap on to the edges of the mouse trap car. Sand the inside of the axle rings for smoother running.

The Axle. Print 2 of these, sand them smooth and use a pencil to add graphite for lubrication. Connect them in the middle with a zip tie.

Extension. Print these in sets of two for each length you want to add. They snap onto the main struts and are threaded to accept wheel lugs.

Stabilizer / Armature holder ( Pencil ) print two of these to receive a pencil or other suitable rod.

Snap Arm Adapter. Print two of these and they fit over the mousetrap snap bar. There are openings for a zip tie.

Print as many as you need. Clean all the threads if your printer is not well tuned. On a well tuned printer these will thread right in.



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