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Verify an AWS VPC created with Terraform

To verify if the AWS VPC created with your Terraform configuration was successful, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check Terraform output: After running terraform apply, review the output for any errors or issues. If the VPC and associated resources were created successfully, you should see a message indicating that the resources were added.
  2. Check Terraform state: Run terraform show in your project directory to display the current state of your resources. This command will show the details of the created VPC and its related resources, such as subnets, Internet gateway, and route tables. Verify that the configuration matches your intended setup.
  3. Use AWS CLI: If you have the AWS CLI installed and configured, you can run the following command to list your VPCs:sqlCopy codeaws ec2 describe-vpcs Look for the VPC with the same CIDR block and name (tag) specified in your Terraform configuration. You can also use other AWS CLI commands to inspect the created subnets, route tables, and other VPC-related resources.
  4. Use AWS Management Console: Log in to your AWS Management Console, navigate to the VPC Dashboard, and check for the newly created VPC. Verify the CIDR block, name (tag), and related resources, such as subnets and Internet gateways, to ensure that the VPC was created as expected.
  5. By using a combination of these methods, you can confirm that the VPC created with your Terraform configuration was successful and matches your intended setup.
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