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FiddleBoard – A custom Arduino style board.

The FiddleBoard uses an Atmel328PU as it’s base and is designed to be a challenging hand solder project. It is for a somewhat accomplished DIYer as it requires pin based hookup for programming.

The FiddleBoard is a small footprint board for the Atmel328PU ( The same chip that is used in the Arduin UNO and others ). It uses through hole components where possible to facilitate the kit approach. It requires ( currently ) one surface mount component.

You can order your own copies of the board from OSHPark or just purchase the kit here.




3d Printed Case

This board was designed using KiCAD and the board was sent to OSHPark for the 1st version. As of the publish date, it is aplha and untested so move forward at your own discretion.

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