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3d Printed Spring Scale

The 3d Printed Spring Scale can be used in place of regular education spring scales. The learner can engage in Force, Torque and Weight measures. The Spring Scale can be introduced to existing Science and STEM curriculum. Giving the student the option to print, assemble and use their own tool to enhance the experience. At the end of the lab the Student can take the 3d Printed item outside the classroom for additional measurements.

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General Piston Diagram for CAD Exercises

This is a generalized drawing of an Imaginary Piston. This diagram can be used alongside tutorials in various CAD systems.

The full PDF can be purchased on TeachersPayTeachers/mathcodeprint

or the direct link to the Product page:

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Skateboard Ramp

Potential and Kinetic Energy

This concept design for potential and kinetic energy was a first take at a larger scale participatory lesson. The students strapped a Android based phone to a skate wheel car and took measurements as the car oscillated up a down each side.

The first attempt at this ramp was not terribly successful. I will need to add rails on the side to keep cars from veering off the ramp. Also, the ramp was not quite sturdy enough for a Skateboard.

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Rolling Pegboard

The humble pegboard can be used in a variety of ways. An all pegboard Rube Goldberg. Demonstrating the Cartesian graphing system. The limit to the usefulness of this board of holes is hard to measure.

Pegboard Rube Goldberg

Simple construction with 2×4’s and 4 2’x4′ Pieces of pegboard.

The lesson can be as simple as dominoes on inclined planes.

Watch this for an animation of virtual dominoes

Or use whatever you can find around the garage.