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3d Printed Spring Scale

The 3d Printed Spring Scale can be used in place of regular education spring scales. The learner can engage in Force, Torque and Weight measures. The Spring Scale can be introduced to existing Science and STEM curriculum. Giving the student the option to print, assemble and use their own tool to enhance the experience. At the end of the lab the Student can take the 3d Printed item outside the classroom for additional measurements.


  • 3d Printer Model Files
  • Springs or Rubber Bands
  • 3M Screws


There are no special instructions for printing. A well-calibrated printer will be able to print these parts. Leave the parts oriented as they are downloaded. The parts have a bottom surface that should be on the bed.


Calibrate the Scale


The case

Hook and Hanger

Faceplate with scale.

Support bars

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