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3d Printed Mousetrap Car

The time tested project of many High School and College Physics curriculum, this 3d printed version brings this classic into the modern age. Even lighter than Balsa wood and infinitely more modular, the 3d Printed Mousetrap allows the student to engage in 3d Design and Manufacture with their project.


  • Zip Ties
  • Victor Style Mousetrap
  • 3d Printable STL Files
  • #2 Pencil
  • Strong Thread or Fishing Line


All the models included have a “flat” side to be printed facing the bed.

Wheel “Nuts” – The wheel nut is subject to shearing.


  • Print with ABS
  • Print with Solid-Infill

Post-Print Processing


The parts are printed with very tight tolerance, as a result, some parts will need to be sanded.

Axles and Axle receiver


Threaded parts have a very tight tolerance. This tolerance prevents unthreading during use. On some printers, this will cause the threads to fit with difficulty. Slowly threading the parts together in and out until smooth will create a good fit. DO NOT use a wrench, this will result in shearing off the part from the thread.

Wheel Hub, Axle and Threaded Chasis End

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  1. Do you have the link to buy the model that includes the pulley system?

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