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General Piston Diagram for CAD Exercises

This is a generalized drawing of an Imaginary Piston. This diagram can be used alongside tutorials in various CAD systems.

The full PDF can be purchased on TeachersPayTeachers/mathcodeprint

or the direct link to the Product page:

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Docker Compose – The minimalist instructions

The first pieces of how to use Docker Compose

What is Docker Compose

For me, docker-compose is a case study in the right tool for the right job. At the least, it allows us to carefully manage and maintain the instancing of our containers. docker-compose takes the command-line options for docker and places them into configuration files.

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Skateboard Ramp

Potential and Kinetic Energy

This concept design for potential and kinetic energy was a first take at a larger scale participatory lesson. The students strapped a Android based phone to a skate wheel car and took measurements as the car oscillated up a down each side.

The first attempt at this ramp was not terribly successful. I will need to add rails on the side to keep cars from veering off the ramp. Also, the ramp was not quite sturdy enough for a Skateboard.